1. Library and Information Science in The Era of Technology and Information

  • Concept, Theories and Perspective of Scientific Histories of Library and Information Science
  • Recent Studies on Teaching Methodologies and Curriculum Development of LIS Schools
  • Best Practices in Alleviating Quality of Education at LIS Schools
  • The Competencies Required of LIS Graduates in Changing LIS Markets
  • Trends of Benefiting from Media in the Education of Library Science
  • Benefiting from Media in the Education of Library Science: collaboration, coordination, focus
  • Metaliteracies in Developing Curriculum of LIS Schools

2. Documentation and Archive Studies in The Era of Technology and Information

  • Issues on Scientific Documentation in The Education World
  • Concept and Implementation of Dissemination of Scientific Documentation to The Benefits of Education
  • Museum As The Document Center of Educational History
  • The Role of Archives in The Development of Knowledge in The Era ofInformation Technology
  • Navigation of Online Resources in Educational Environments
  • Electronic Archive Management System in The Era of Technology and Information
  • Role of Archive Multicultural Information in Learning
  • Cultural Artefacts As A Form of Educational Documentation

3.  Library Science, Documentation, and Archives in Sustainable Education for Quality Education in The Era of Technology and   Information

  • Key Role of Library Science in Increasing The Quality of Education and Literacy for SDGs
  • Documentation Model of Local Knowledge for The Quality of Education in Sustainable Development
  • Archive Management Model in Succeeding The Goal of SDGs
  • Media and Digital Literacy in The Development of Information Behavior for The Aim of SDGs
  • Implications of Technological Development of Libraries in Supporting SDGs
  • Educational Communication Model in Contributing Ideas to Make  SDGs


1st International Conference on Library and Information Science

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